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  • Complete equipment

    Drills and pot holders are available in nearly any size. Drill plates and container distribution forks can be supplied as well, just like the necessary compressor and electricity cables. Any other special requirements can be produced at the well-equipped facility of Martin Stolze bv.



    - potting machine, equipped for 20 containers

    - operates in single, double or alternate mode

    - wide soil supply

    - container track is frequency controlled

    - pneumatic container take-off unit that can be used on both the left and right side of the machine

    - pneumatic container dispenser

    - drilled hole exactly in the middle of the container

    - operates in single, double and alternate mode

    - standard equipped with a 2m supply conveyor belt

    - container dispenser is easily adjustable by means of a hand wheel

    - several controls are easily set by means of a touch-screen

    - very smooth operation



    single mode: up to 3,600 containers/hr
    double mode: up to 7,200 containers/hr


    container sizes:

    double mode - 7cm to 14cm
    single mode - 7cm to 24cm
    alternate mode - 7cm to 30cm


    dimensions: LxWxH= 4.000x1.400x2.100 mm (standard version)

    current: 380/400V, 50HZ, 3 phase + N + A
    weight: 1.100 kg (standard version)


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