3030 Potting Machine™

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3030 Potting Machine™

A potting machine is essential when potting plants. Martin Stolze developed the 3030 Potting Machine; suitable for every potting job! The 3030 series vary in length, pot center-to-center size and number of pot holders. The machine rotates single, double or in turn and is suitable for pots from 6 cm to 30 cm. The capacity is up to 7.800 pots per hour (double turning).


We developed a number of accessories for the 3030™. For example, pot holders are available for almost all pot sizes, as are drills and associated drill plates. If you have different requirements, we can produce those parts for you.

Easy operation

The 3030 Potting Machine is very easy to operate. It is connected to a touchscreen, which includes the number of rotated pots, rotation speed and it shows malfunctions. In the event of a malfunction, the machine will automatically stop. The part where the malfunction occurs and the steps to be taken to resolve the malfunction will be displayed on the screen. This makes it much easier to solve any malfunctions yourself. The machines is, for your convenience, also equipped with frequency-controlled motors for precise control of the soil supply and the speed of the machine.

Soil bin

Depending on how you deposit soil into the machine we can install different soil bins to the machine. We are happy to advise you.

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