Conveyor belt series EasyMax™

Internal transport

Conveyor belt series EasyMax™

This reliable series has proven itself over and over again and has established itself in the world of internal transportation. The EasyMax™ conveyor belt series consists of two types of belts that can be connected. The EasyMax™ conveyor belt with motor has a variable speed that you can adjust yourself with the mechanical speed controller. You can connect this to the EasyMax™ connectable parts which are each six meters long. Depending on the load and desired speed, you can extend a conveyor belt with motor in combination with connectable parts to a total length of approximately 50 meters. We also have a fixed-speed belt in this series. These belts each have their own motor and can be connected by means of an integrated cable.


Length (m) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Width (mm) 170, 210, 250
Power (Kw) 0,18 / 0,37 / 0,55 / 0,75
Speed variable or fixed speed
 Linkable variable speed: up to approx. 50m
fixed speed: unlimitedly linkable
Accessories emergency stop, remote control, direction switch, corners, height adjustable suports


For the EasyMax™ conveyor belts we developed a number of accessories for speeding up and facilitating productivity. Ask for the possibilities.


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