Conveyor with center drive (main belt)

Internal transport

Conveyor with center drive (main belt)

Length (m) 0,65 tot 50
Width (mm) 170, 210, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600
Power (Kw) 0,37/0,55/0,75/1,1
Speed Frequency-controlled, mechanical variator, fixed speed

A conveyor with center drive (main belt) is used in fixed installations where, after installation, there is no space available to tension the belt in the longitudinal direction of the belt. The drive roller can be clamped downwards. This also ensures that, with more similar belts behind each other, the transitions are very small, because there is no large drive roller at the front. Transporting small products is no problem with these belts. This conveyor belt is also extremely suitable as a socalled “pass belt” when the distance may not vary.
This conveyor belt is also often used in projects where conveyor belts of larger lengths are needed. We can produce the center drive belts in lengths up to 50 meters.

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