Top-up machine

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Top-up machine

The Topping Machine is suitable for processing bark and other topping materials. The machine processes round pots and is available in both a left and a right version. The mounted wheels make it easy to move the machine. The machine can easily be placed in any system with conveyor belts. In addition, the drive of the Topping Machine can also be linked to our 3030 Potting Machines. The machine can be set very accurately, using frequency control.

Reduces loss of topping

Another unique feature of this machine is that the top layers are distributed over the pot using two scraper pins mounted on the machine as standard. The surplus material is returned to the storage location. This reduces the chance of loss of topping. You can also choose the vibration option that distributes the topping evenly over the pots.

Extra option

As an extra option you can choose a rack where you can hang the bags with topping. This makes it easier to top up topping. Another way is to hang the bags on the spoons of a forklift truck. This rack makes the forklift available for other jobs once the bag is hanging.


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