EasyConnect: Modular control system

3 January 2019

EasyConnect: Modular control system

When using (a network of) conveyor belts at the nursery, a good control system is essential. It is not desirable that different routes and therefore different activities influence each other. This can lead to unnecessary delays or downtime, something that does not benefit the work efficiency. A standard control system for conveyor belts using a PLC with power supply and control cables is sound, but also expensive and not flexible to use. The EasyConnect system removes these disadvantages and is flexible and modular. You can easily start and expand the EasyConnect system or add functionalities.

How does it work?

The EasyConnect system consists of a number of components. As a basis there is the EasyConnect Server. This unit is placed at a fi xed central location at the nursery and contains the control
software and the central antenna for the remote control. An EasyConnect Satellite is installed on every conveyor belt that must be included in a desired route. This is linked to the correct route via the display. Here, the correct direction of rotation and, depending on the design, the belt speed is set.

The Satellite is available in different versions:

  • The EasyConnect Satellite Max is the most comprehensive version and features a frequency converter, control screen and connections for external functions.
  • The EasyConnect Satellite Midi has no frequency controller, but a display for setting the (external) features.
  • The EasyConnect Satellite Mini is the simplest version and is ideal for controlling the EasyMax conveyor belts that are standard equipped with a (mechanical) speed control and rotation switch.

The EasyConnect Remote can switched an entire route on or off . This remote control unit is assigned to the correct route in the Server. The hand-held transmitter with two robust pushbuttons is shock-resistant, very economical with batteries and splash-proof.

Expanding the system?

The system can be expanded with the EasyConnect Stop and EasyConnect Counter. These are connected to the external outputs of the Satellite (depending on the version) and are intended for stopping the conveyor belt if it is activated by a plant or tray. The Counter counts all plants and trays that pass.

Why the EasyConnect system?

The biggest advantage of the EasyConnect system is that it is used where control is actually needed. This prevents conveyor belts that are not included in a route from being unnecessarily controlled. This allows you to save costs. In addition, the system is modular. With the Server, one or more Satellite’s and the Remote, you can easily start. Later it is simpel to expand by adding several Satellite’s. The EasyConnect system is also the solution for a nursery with multiple locations, because the majority of this unique control system can easily move with you. Are you interested or would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.