Internal transport

We produce a wide range of conveyor belts and roller conveyors to smoothly transport your products internally. By automating your internal transport, you need fewer staff and you can also work faster and more efficiently. This can save your company a lot of money. The combination of our own production facility and years of experience, makes Martin Stolze the right interlocutor, producer and supplier in the total automation of your internal transport. You can also contact us for unusual applications. We like to think with you to improve your work situation.

Conveyor belts

The production of conveyor belts is traditionally our core business. As a result, we have developed a suitable type of belt for many applications over the years. This varies from belts with a small roll transition, suitable for small pots, to large belts, suitable for heavy products or long distances.

Our conveyor belts are also suitable for use in workstations where different products have to be delivered and removed at the same time. For example the so-called packing lines, in which empty packaging and the products are supplied via a conveyor belt, full packages and dirt are discharged via another belt. For this we can supply the complete set-up complete with work tables and, if required, scales, lighting and the like.

Conveyor belt series EasyMax™

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Project Conveyor

The Project Conveyor is a conveyor belt that is adapted to your specific requirements, with the proven techniques and the good features of the EasyMax™ series.

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Power Conveyor™

The Power Conveyor™ series is included in our delivery program, because this versatile conveyor belt is suitable for larger, heavier products for longer distances.

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Conveyor with center drive (main belt)

A conveyor with center drive is used in fixed installations where, after installation, there is no space available to tension the belt in the longitudinal direction of the belt.

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Supply Belt

Supply belts are used for the raising of, for example, soil, sweets or vegetables.

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Conveyor Max™

For bridging large distances, you can count on the specially developed Conveyor Max™ series.

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CNC Lathe Conveyor

We now have a new product available for CNC lathes. Our lathe belts make it possible to longer produce unmanned with a CNC lathe. This is because the products are moved, which makes it possible to place a larger receptacle near the lathe.

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Roller conveyors

For buffering and supplying products smoothly, roller conveyors can be used in certain cases. We produce lightweight and maintenance-free roller conveyors entirely to your liking. We can deliver quickly, because we produce roller conveyors ourselves, standard with a pitch of 62.5 mm, 83.3 mm, 100 mm or 125 mm in different widths.

Three-layer roller conveyor

A buffer roller conveyor which takes up little space and yet has a surprisingly large surface.

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Operating systems

When using (a network of) conveyor belts, a good control system is essential. It is not desirable that different routes and therefore different activities influence each other. This can lead to unnecessary delays or downtime, something that does not improve work efficiency.

Remote control

When plants fall or in dangerous situations, it is important that the conveyor belts are stopped as quickly as possible to limit the damage.

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Martin Stolze designs and produces complete delivery systems to make your work as efficient as possible. Every complete delivery system is tailored to your wishes.

Leaf blower

To remove loose leaves and dirt around the pot Martin Stolze designed a leaf blower.

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Because small things can make a big difference.

The transport systems and machines can be supplied with various accessories from Martin Stolze. The accessories ensure that the processing and transport of your product is made as easily as possible. For example, string bends and mechanical curves have been developed, which ensure a smooth transition on the conveyor belts. Martin Stolze also offers other accessories for conveyor belts, such as the electric pot counter and the stop outlet.

Conveyor trolley

The EasyMax conveyor belts from Martin Stolze are free to place where they are needed. In order to easily transport and store the EasyMax conveyor belts there is the conveyor belt trolley.

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