Soil distribution

We have various products available for the automatic processing of soil. These products can take a lot of heavy work off your hands. Take a look at the possibilities.

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All machines from Martin Stolze ensure efficient processing of your product. For example, the potting machine 3030; this potting machine provides a simple way of potting. We have an extensive and varied product range.

3030 Potting Machine™

A potting machine is essential when potting plants. Martin Stolze developed the 3030 potting machine; extremely suitable for every potting job!

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Top-up machine

The Top-up machine is suitable for processing bark and other toppings in round and square pots.

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Big Bale Breaker

The Big Bale Breaker automatically processes pressed soil. The machine ensures that the soil is distributed in the right volume.

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Tray filler

For filling trays we have a mobile machine in our range

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Flowerbag filler

The Flowerbag filler has been developed to make growing bags easier and faster with soil.

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