Sorting and Packing

For sorting and packing your products, Martin Stolze developed efficient products to make the work as simple as possible. The products can be combined with each other and can be equipped with, for example, work tables, scales and lighting. With these products you move the product, but not your employees. This can save you a lot of time!

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In addition to conveyor belts and potting machines, Martin Stolze produces buffer tables, delivery systems and complete projects. These systems are installed according to your wishes for optimal usage.

Height sorting buffer system

Getting more work done with fewer staff is now possible with our height sorting buffer system. Martin Stolze designed and produced this mobile system with automatic altimeter for sorting and delivering pot plants by height.

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Buffer Belt

A Buffer Belt is used to collect large numbers of pots or trays and to ensure that the disposal process runs smoothly.

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The Turntable is the ideal tool for simply buffering products and processing them manually.

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Martin Stolze designs and produces complete delivery systems to make your work as efficient as possible. Every complete delivery system is tailored to your wishes.

Packing lines

The efficient and ergonomic packing lines from Martin Stolze are specially designed for various activities

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Inspection conveyor

Martin Stolze manufactured an inspection roller conveyor for grading round fruit. It is fitted with a double conveyor chain with rotating rollers in between.

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Box Taper

The Box Taper makes it easier to deliver your product in boxes! Without a Box Taper it takes a lot of time and storage space to prepare the shipment.

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