Conveyor belt system

18 January 2015

Conveyor belt system

Dijk van Dijk nursery in De Lier chose a conveyor belt system from Martin Stolze for the hortensia finishing process.

The system consists of three fixed main belts which are 97 metres, 60 metres and 104 metres long along the length of the greenhouse and seperate belts in the bay so that plants can be transported to the next bay.

The speed and direction of each main belt can be adjusted individually via a central control panel. At each belt junction there is a motorised corner turn so that the correct plant spacing can be achieved. A hand-held wireless transmitter is used to start and stop the entire system throughout the greenhouse.

Dijk van Dijk will use the system mainly for finishing plants, but this flexible system makes it very easy to switch to raising and/or moving the plants from bay to bay.