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Expansion conveyor belt system

6 May 2020

Expansion conveyor belt system

Nursery Kap-Tiegelaar has opted for a conveyor belt system from Martin Stolze b.v. for their new location at Broekpolderlaan in Honselersdijk. The new location is located exactly behind the existing nursery, which makes it possible to connect to the current conveyor belt system. The existing conveyor belt system is linked to a potting machine 3030 on one side and to a delivery buffer with a height sorting system on the other. Due to the connection of the new system to the existing system, these facilities can be used for both locations. Paul van Leeuwen, sales consultant at Martin Stolze b.v .: “The expansion presented a nice challenge; a span of 12 meters over the intermediate ditch. The necessary muscle strength was needed to get these belts with a special construction in place. But the results are impressive! ”

EasyMax conveyor belts

The conveyor belt system is completed with the movable EasyMax coupling belts. Here's Kap-Tiegelaar already well familiar with. Special wheelsets on one side of the Easymax conveyor belts make moving easy and with little effort. Paul van Leeuwen: "We thank Nursery Kap-Tiegelaar for the trust and the good cooperation and wish them every success with this beautiful system."