Roller conveyor system


Orchids from Opti-flor bring atmosphere and colour to millions of European living rooms, offices and hotel lobbies. They also contribute to the exclusive appearance of a variety of international events. The collection comprises 29 different showpieces. Each showpiece is unique in its own way. Yet, all these orchids have one thing in common. They are without exception grown with the greatest possible passion and dedication.

Martin Stolze is proud to contribute to the success of Opti-flor. With a simple but efficient roller conveyor system for supplying ceramic ornamental pots and clearing packaged orchids.

This system also makes the transport of the ornamental pots from the storage depot to the seven packaging employees more efficient and ergonomic. Furthermore, a solution was developed for the clearing of repackaged orchids and the orders are cleared and collected with a minimum of effort and risk of damage.

This system is installed in the Creations location of Opti-flor in Monster.

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