Expansion of a conveyor belt system

Kwekerij Kap-Tiegelaar

For their new location at the Broekpolderlaan in Honselersdijk, Kap-Tiegelaar has chosen a conveyor belt system from Martin Stolze BV. The new location is right behind the existing nursery, which enables a connection to the current conveyor belt system. The conveyor belt system already in place is connected on one side to a Potting Machine 3030 and on the other side to a delivery buffer with a height-sorting system. Due to the connection of the new system to the old system, these facilities can be used for both locations. Paul van Leeuwen, sales consultant at Martin Stolze BV.: “The expansion presented a nice challenge; bridging 12 meters across the ditch between the locations. Getting this specially constructed conveyor belt in place needed a lot of muscle power. But the result is definitely worth it!”

EasyMax conveyor belts

The conveyor belt system is completed with the transportable EasyMax coupling belts. Kap-Tiegelaar is very familiar with this. Special wheel sets on one side of the Easymax conveyor belts makes transport easy with very little effort required. Paul van Leeuwen: “We would like to thank Kwekerij Kap-Tiegelaar for their trust and the pleasant cooperation, and wish them great success with this wonderful system.”

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