Processing line


A processing line with wide buffer tables was installed for this client for assembling orders in an efficient manner.

Forklifts are used to put full forks with trays on the front of the 3.2-metre-wide belts. These trays are automatically transported to the workstations on the other side using photocells. The grow trays are emptied by employees who are stationed on the other side. The plants are then cleaned and transferred to the assorted sales trays. While cleaning, the waste falls between the rollers of the roller bed conveyor belts mounted in front of the wide buffer tables as workstations. A conveyor belt with side plates mounted under the roller bed conveyor belts transports the waste to a central location. Via an inclined conveyor belt with cleats, it ends up in a large waste container. After cleaning, the sales trays are transported by Danish trolleys to the loading docks. The set-up is designed in such a way that the delivery by forklift trucks is separated from the area where staff are packing and where the Danish trolleys are loaded into the trucks.

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