CNC Lathe Conveyor

CNC Lathe Conveyor

Is internal transport a major expense for your company? By automating your internal transport you need fewer staff and you can also work faster and more efficiently. This can save your company a lot of costs. We supply various products and systems to make work easier and more efficient.

We now have a new product available for CNC lathes. Our lathe belts make it possible to longer produce unmanned with a CNC lathe. This is because the products are moved, which makes it possible to place a larger receptacle near the lathe. It also does not stand in the way of making the lathe more accessible.

To move products from a CNC lathe, the belt is equipped with a special belt cover which is not only durable, but also resistant to liquids. In addition, a receptacle is attached under the belt to collect the coolant.

We can produce the lathe belt in any width up to 1000 mm with a length of 800 mm to 6000 mm. The speed is variable and it is equipped with an electrical end stop.

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CNC Lathe Conveyor
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