Rotary table – Buffer table

Packaging- Wrapping - Sorting

The rotary table is the ideal equipment for the simple buffering and manual handling of products. If you have a system that involves both machine and manual packing, rotary tables are favoured for short temporary storage of products that have already been packed before they are put into boxes or onto pallets. Rotary tables are used wherever the supple onward transport of packaged goods is important, for example in packaging lines. A circular plate is rotatable and driven by a motor. Roller conveyors or conveyor belts can be mounted on the rotary tables. Rotary tables can also be used as a link between intersecting conveyor belts or for loading and unloading different goods. And by using different lateral guiding components, rotary tables can also be used as storage or sorting equipment. There are sorting systems for a wide variety of products, as each product has its own sorting criteria.

We manufacture various types of rotary tables. The tables have variable speeds and are equipped with a Food-grade plastic PE or stainless-steel rotary platform in various diameters.

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