Fixed conveyor belt installation

Gartenbau Paul Cox

Conveyor belt installation. Gartenbau Paul Cox from Geldern-Lüllingen is a family business. They place great value on staff, being customer-oriented and respecting nature. For the total production of around 4 million potted plants, they have already invested in technology in the past to be able to save on costs and time in production. Gartenbau Paul Cox takes the next step in pot handling with their latest purchase. Martin Stolze supplies fixed hooded conveyor belts to several departments. With the help of these conveyor belts, sales tasks can be handled quickly, ergonomically and efficiently.

The belts are also used for transporting the potted plants during the growing process. The fixed hooded conveyor belts can be used for loose pots, trays, and bowls. And for the stacks of sales trays that need to be filled for larger campaigns. Several independent control units are used for operating the machines. Each of these can control a self-set number of conveyor belts. It is also very easy to connect an end stop to these. Anyone can set up these standard units and operate the conveyor belts.

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