Packaging line


The new efficient and ergonomic packaging line at Haluco was specially designed and customized by Martin Stolze BV. for various activities, such as repackaging and weighing fruit and vegetables in small packages.

The new set-up has packaging tables with work lights and LRE scales. They are arranged on both sides of the conveyor belts on top of each other to feed through and clear products. The conveyor belts connect to a Topseal machine made by Het Packhuys to automatically seal the products. The product can then be given a sticker by the Automator labelling system. At the end of the line, the products are placed in boxes and onto the buffer, ready for palletising.

By automating this work process, Haluco is able to repackage fruit and vegetables more quickly and more efficiently. The LRE weighing technology (including checkweigher) will enable the operator to view the level of work performance and any over- and underweight of the products.


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