We support
the Ronald Moerings foundation

13 May 2019

We support
the Ronald Moerings foundation

In addition to our commitment to our customers, corporate social responsibility is also of paramount importance to us. As a company, we believe it is important to invest in sports and social well-being. We are therefore committed to social initiatives and want to give back through sponsorship. Martin Stolze supports local associations, foundations and organizations in the field of sport and health. This does not always have to be expressed in money. It can also be about publicity. We determine how and to what extent for each project. In this way we want to inspire our employees and customers and we contribute to socially responsible activities.

Ronald Moerings foundation

Individual treatment for every cancer patient

Why Antoni van Leeuwenhoek?

We do this because we want to contribute to the ambition of this top institute: tailor-made treatment for every individual cancer patient. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek now has the knowledge and technology in-house for treatments that combat the specific tumor of each individual patient. Now this is possible on a small scale, but it is the intention that there is a personal treatment for every patient "tailor-made cancer therapy". To achieve this, more research needs to be done quickly and money is needed for this. This is clearly a very nice initiative to which we would like to contribute.

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