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Horticulture products

Whether it is about planting bedding, turning out rose pots or expanding cupressus: through years of experience in the horticultural sector, Martin Stolze is familiar with everything that comes with planting and the transport of horticultural products internally. With our extensive product line, own production facility and experience, Martin Stolze is the right interlocutor, producer and supplier in the total automation of your internal transport.

We also have a number of products available for rental. These are completely installed and equipped with the necessary accessories. Read more about our rental offer here >

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Distribution centers

Is internal transport a major cost item for your company? By automating your internal transport, you need fewer staff and you can work faster. This can save a you a lot of money.

Our products can be combined and provided with complete control. We are happy to help you design, guide and execute your total project. The quality of the solution can be increased with a favorable price. Martin Stolze has a solution for all your internal transport.

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Fruit and vegetables

With an own production facility and years of experience, Martin Stolze is the right interlocutor, producer and supplier in the total automation of your internal transport. We like to think along with you to improve your work situation. If this is not possible with our standard solutions, our engineers can design a tailor-made solution for you.

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Complete solutions

Martin Stolze has been providing service and quality in internal transport since 1991. In our own workshop we produce, among other things, conveyor belts, buffer belts, main conveyors, potting machines, roller conveyors, watering stations, chain and pot forks, soil conveyor belts and accessories. These different systems can be combined and provided with a complete computer control. We are happy to help you with the guidance and execution of your project.
Service and quality are our priority. You will experience this before, during and after the delivery of our solutions and products. We listen to your question, come up with a solution and get to work. But it does not stop there ... Even after installation, we help you with your questions, faults, maintenance and repairs. We are always ready to help! Read more >

Where it all began...

Conveyor belts

In 1991 we started producing conveyor belts. Over the years we have developed a suitable type of conveyor belt for many applications; from belts with a small roll transition (suitable for small products) to large belts (suitable for heavy products or long distances). Our conveyor belts can also be used in workstations where different products must be supplied and removed at the same time. For example the so-called packing lines, whereby empty packaging and the products are supplied via a conveyor belt and, in addition, full packaging and dirt are removed via another belt. For this we can supply the complete set-up, with work tables and scales, lighting and the like.
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De Lier / Eindhoven (NL), 25 November 2020 High-tech scale up Kind Technologies expands its position in the horticulture greenhouse market by acquiring Martin Stolze b.v., an inte...

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