Discharge conveyor for gerberas

23 April 2021 Martin Stolze has installed a discharge conveyor at the Hofzichtlaan location based in De Lier to remove gerberas that don’t meet the desired quality. The discharge conveyor comes by 5 work stations and ensures a more efficient work process.

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Main conveyor belt installation at Gartenbau Paul Cox

13 January 2021 Gartenbau Paul Cox is a family company from Geldern-Lüllingen their core values are their staff, customer focus and nature.

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Expansion conveyor belt system

6 May 2020 Nursery Kap-Tiegelaar has opted for a conveyor belt system from Martin Stolze b.v. for their new location. The new location is located exactly behind the existing nursery, which makes it possible to connect to the current conveyor belt system.

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Processing and delivery system for young plants

4 February 2020 For the efficient processing and delivery of young plants, Jörgen Valstar, director of Valstar Young Plants from Maasland, was looking for a partner who could think along with the complex logistics of these processes.

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Buffer roller conveyor

11 October 2019 A roller conveyor buffer has been installed at this customer for the efficient assembly of orders.

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Workstations for preparation Amaryllis bulbs

6 August 2019 To prepare, especially Amaryllis bulbs for the concept "no water flowers" we have installed three workstations at this client, each with eight workstations.

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Sort potplants automatically by height

21 June 2019 Getting more work done with fewer staff is now possible with our height sorting buffer system. Martin Stolze designed and produced this mobile system with automatic altimeter for sorting and delivering pot plants by height for nurcery Kap-Tiegelaar.

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Packing line

18 February 2019 Haluco's new efficient and ergonomic packing line has been specially designed and custom-made by Martin Stolze, e.g. for various activities such as packing and weighing vegetables and fruit in small packages.

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20 December 2018 A buffer belt on which potted plants are collected is realized for this customer. A buffer strip is applied to large numbers of pots to collect and ensure the discharge process proceeds undisturbed.

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Processing line

20 November 2014 A processing line with wide buffer tables has been installed at this customer to efficiently compile orders.

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